Carruth Studio offers original sculptures that will bring your garden and home to life.

George Carruth started Carruth Studio in 1983 with one goal in mind – to bring life and imagination to yards and gardens. He has more than succeeded and as a result has become one of the most well-known artists in his field.

Using the flora and fauna that he sees in nature he has created classic whimsical designs that are both affordable and perfect for any space that you want to add a bit of fun character.

Whether it be a “Welcome” sign for your porch, a whimsical owl that measures the rain or a beautiful angel to remember a loved one or pet you will find that you have so many options that you will be asking yourself “How am I supposed to chose?!”

Not just for the Outside

Many people have taken these pieces and incorporated them inside their home as well. Brighten up your kitchen with happy asparagus and chili peppers and always be reminded that you have to have fun in life.

The Perfect Gift

We all know that certain someone who is always hard to buy for. Carruth sculptures have a bit of something for everyone. You can give a gift that has a special meaning while keeping within your budget. Carruth sculptures are loved by everyone big and small