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Garden Gloves

Garden Gloves

Garden Gloves Help Protect Our Most Important Tools ….Our Hands!

Garden gloves make yard work more comfortable. Besides helping to keep your hands clean, garden gloves add an extra layer of coverage and traction. Weeding, lifting heavy objects and using outdoor power equipment is better in the right garden gloves. Silicone fingertips provide more durability and protection while digging and anatomical padding absorbs vibrations from power tools.

Garden Gloves let you get down and dirty

Gardening and working with soil can quickly dry out your hands and cause cracking. Garden gloves protect hands from soil and drying and provide a barrier to any organisms and germs in the dirt. Garden gloves also protect your hands from ground-in dirt and dirt under the fingernails. When using tools like shovels and rakes, garden gloves will help prevent blisters from forming. Garden gloves protect your hands from abrasive weed-pulling, prickly thorns, poison ivy, and bugs.

What to Look for in Garden Gloves

Garden gloves come in a wide range of styles, materials and price points. Good garden gloves should be durable and stand up to regular use in the garden.

Some features to look for in garden gloves:

  • Balance of Comfort & Durability
  • Reinforced Fingertips
  • Double Stitched Seams
  • Wrist Closure
  • Garden Glove Fit
  • Flexibility
  • Padding & Protection
  • Material
  • Price
Garden gloves should be durable yet pliable. Garden gloves should protect hands while allowing you to maneuver. Good quality garden gloves have an extra layer of material over the fingertips to protect them from wearing out. This extra layer of your garden gloves helps protect your fingers from sharp objects in the soil, such as rusty nails, broken glass, thorns, and stinging insects. The reinforced fingertips of your garden gloves can decrease your ability to feel. You may need a second pair of garden gloves when you need more dexterity.

How Garden Gloves Fit is Important

Garden gloves that offer a hook-and-loop or elastic wrist closure will help keep debris out. Poorly fitting garden gloves can make pruning and other tasks a miserable experience. If your garden gloves are too large they will limit your dexterity and chafe and cause blisters. Too small garden gloves will limit hand movement. The best fit for garden gloves is snug but not tight. Your fingertips should be near the end of the fingers of the garden gloves. Garden gloves should have flexibility. You should be able to move your fingers freely in your garden gloves. Men’s and women’s garden gloves have different sizing. Find the right fitting garden gloves for your hands. Padded garden gloves usually have padding strategically placed in the palms, fingers, and knuckles to protect them from getting bashed while doing more rugged work. Garden gloves are made from a variety of materials. The most popular are pigskin leather. These garden gloves are tough but flexible. Split cow hide isn’t as flexible for garden gloves but is often used in rose gauntlets where it will protect your forearms from just about anything. See the Deluxe Rose Pro Gloves that offer 100% cow grain leather sleeves for protection and durability. The palms are made from 100% pigskin for dexterity and abrasion resistance. Secret Garden offers many styles of garden gloves. Finding a good pair of garden gloves is well worth the money for any gardener.

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