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Garden Tools

Garden Tools

The Right Garden Tools Make Any Garden Task Easier

Secret Garden offers a wide variety of garden tools. Put on your garden gloves and work the earth with our high-quality garden tools. Garden tools can help you work smarter and faster.

Garden Pruners are a Must for your Garden Tools

Garden pruners are used to trim and shape plants, deadhead, prune out damaged foliage and cut back perennials. Garden pruners are one of the most used garden tools. Garden pruners are known by several names.

Garden pruners may be called:

  • Clippers
  • Garden Pruners
  • Pruning Shears
  • Hand Pruners
  • Secateurs
Good garden pruners are meant to make a straight, clean cut. Uneven cuts will make it harder for a plant to heal, gives more exposure to insects and disease and will create crevices in which water collects and can cause rot or infection. While cutting, garden pruners should not hurt your hands. Some garden pruners are designed to reduce hand stress during repetitive use. Garden pruners need a sharp edge on a good quality blade. The harder the steel used on garden pruners blades, the longer they will stay sharp. Garden pruners should have blades that fit tightly together. The center nuts or screws shouldn’t be too loose on the garden pruners so that branches can get stuck between the blades. If too tight, it is hard to force the blades of garden pruners together to cut. Garden pruners should fit your grip and permit opening and closing with one hand.

Find the Best Garden Pruners at Secret Garden Shop

It is important to find a good pair of garden pruners that will work best for you. Finding the best garden pruners will depend on your hand size and shape, grip strength, the type and amount of pruning you do, and your budget.

Qualities to Look for in Your Garden Pruners

  • Availability of Replacement Parts
  • Ergonomic Design
  • High-Quality Steel Blades
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Strong Spring
  • Easy to Disassemble
  • Size and Weight
Garden pruners usually have a mechanism that allows you to lock it in the closed position. This makes the garden pruners safer against accidents happening but also protects the blades when not in use. Garden pruners have springs between the handles that push the blades apart when you relax your grip. This reduces the workload and hand fatigue from the garden pruners.

Types of Garden Pruners:

  • Bypass Garden Pruners
  • Anvil Garden Pruners
  • Ratchet Garden Pruners
Bypass garden pruners have two blades that pass each other like scissors. Anvil garden pruners have a sharpened blade that cuts as it closes onto a flat edge (or anvil). This design is better suited for dry, dead brush. Most gardeners prefer the bypass garden pruners which make clean cuts in live growth. These garden pruners can be used on woody branches or delicate stems. Ratchet garden pruners will latch as you squeeze, allowing you to release and squeeze again. These garden pruners are good for those with less strength in their wrist. Bypass garden pruners are the most recommended as they generally cut cleaner, are easier to use, are more likely to have replacement parts and are good for a range of pruning tasks. Felco garden pruners are considered some of the best. The Felco garden pruners offer a smooth action and have less of a jolt when snapped closed. The blade tension is adjustable, as is the lock lever. These garden pruners last longer because the parts are more durable and often replaceable. Shop Felco Garden Pruners at Secret Garden Shop.

The Best Garden Tools to Get the Job Done

Clear the weeds out of the garden with the right garden tools. The angle weeder has serrated edges to cut through roots. Garden tools great for working in the vegetable garden is the culti-weeder. These garden tools easily loosen soil; scrape away surface weeds and pulls up both weeds and bulbs with a split-tip end. Cultivate the ground with old, traditional Dutch Hoe Garden Tools like the Half Moon Pull Hoe. These garden tools are designed for cutting weeds and cultivating just below the surface. The Tiger Trowel is another one of the great garden tools offered at Secret Garden. These garden tools are great for digging in hard soils and clay, for cutting back vines and overgrowth. The split-tip ends of these garden tools are used to pop out dandelions, pry out rocks and dig bulb holes.

Visit Secret Garden Shop for some of the Best Garden Tools you’ll ever handle.

Garden Tools make great gifts for your favorite gardener too!