Woodstock Bamboo Wind Chime

As you relax you listen to the enchanting musical sound of the bamboo that gives a mellow Asli Arts sound.

Every chime features the mellow, earth-inspired tones unique to resonating bamboo tubes. Each Asli Arts chime is hand-tuned by a trained artist-musician who whittles each tube to the perfect pitch, repeatedly tapping each bamboo tube as he carves until the sound is just right.

Non-endangered wood and bamboo are used to make these instruments of nature.

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Dimensions: 35 in. Overall Length
Materials: Bamboo, bamboo tubes, rattan top

Mellow, relaxing tones produced by hand-tuned bamboo chimes
Chimes hang from gleaming  bamboo ring
Naturally weather resistant and strung from durable nylon cord
Hand-made using renewable resources
Large size chime hangs approximately 37″ yet rings easily in mild breezes

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Black Ring, Cocoa Ring, Natural Ring


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