Woodstock Temple Windbells

The Woodstock Temple Windbells are inspired by ancient Chinese bells. The Temple Bella feature a  magnificent trio/quintet of bells that offers a restful tone.

Bells have been used throughout the ages to accompany dance, to provide comfort and to warn of possible danger. The Chinese were the first to control the pitch or note of a bell, making it possible for them to play tunes. Soon bells were being used to accompany worship. On New Year’s Eve, the bells in Buddhist temples are rung 108 times, once for each of the 108 worldly desires.

In the East, bells have become very important and are often decorated with significant symbols. For centuries, tuned bells have been suspended in homes and temples to ward off evil and attract good luck and prosperity. Woodstock Temple Bells are inspired by these ancient bells and work in harmony with the wind to create gentle, soothing tones.

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Brass, Copper, Silver


Trio, Quintet


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