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Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

Secret Garden Offers Woodstock Wind Chimes

Secret Garden carries several different styles of Woodstock wind chimes. Woodstock Wind Chimes began in 1979 with the intention of making the world’s best-sounding wind chimes.

Woodstock chimes are the original musically tuned wind chime. They are tuned to beautiful melodies and scales from around the world. When listening to a Woodstock chime you’re hearing a perfectly tuned musical instrument played by the wind. Woodstock was founded in 1979 in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, where it continues to operate today.

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Secret Garden Offers Wind River Wind Chimes

Secret Garden carries several different styles of Wind River Chimes. Hand-tuned chimes handcrafted in Virginia. Wind River Chimes are made by artisans using USA sourced materials. Before they leave the facility, every chime is hand-tuned and hand-assembled for exceptional resilience, beauty, resonance and tone.
Wind River Chimes create a symphony in any space. Look at our Large Selection of Wind River Wind Chimes.

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Different types of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have evolved into an art form. There are many stylish designs and different materials used in wind chimes. Whimsical, artistic wind chimes create a fun atmosphere. Wind chimes are a beautiful way to accent your patio or garden with its own soundtrack.

Wind chimes are a type of percussion instrument constructed from suspended tubes, rods, bells and other objects. The suspended tubes strike a weight when the wind blows creating the melody. Wind chimes are made from different materials to create different sounds. Size, type of striker and number of tubes will impact the sound of wind chimes. The center clapper should strike the center of the wind chimes length. The vibration of the tubes radiates the sound after being struck by the clapper. The wind chimes frequency is determined by the length, width, thickness, and material.

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Wind chimes can be made in other shapes besides tubes. Some wind chimes are made from recycled silverware or cookie cutters. The material the wind chimes are made of will have a large effect on the sound the wind chimes produce. Sounds made by recycling objects into wind chimes are not tunable to specific notes and range from a pleasant tinkling to dull thuds. Wind chimes made with properly sized tubes are tunable to notes. Aluminum is often used in wind chimes to achieve the longest and loudest sounding chimes.

Many factors will determine the sound wind chimes makes. Wind chimes have different tones depending on the material used, the exact alloy, heat treatment and if a solid cylinder or a tube is used. The thickness of the tube also matters. Tone can also depend on the hanging method and the material used in the clapper of the wind chimes.

Secret Garden offers Different Styles of Wind Chimes

Secret Garden offers many styles of wind chimes to suit everyone’s taste and décor. Many styles of wind chimes offered are artistic and handmade. Find the perfect wind chimes to create the ambiance you desire.

While searching through the large assortment of wind chimes offered, you will feel as if you are traveling the world. Many of the wind chimes offer sounds that reminisce of different countries. 

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